A language for making assertions about the presence or absence of patterns in linked XML documents.


What Makes Schematron Unique?

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NEWS: Schematron helping our fight against COVID: in the US, real-time data on Emergency Medical admissions and causes is collected by National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS). Schematron has allowed them a practical route to having subject-matter experts specify rules in plain English, then developers implement exactly those rules. Read their excellent Schematron Guide, or see their online Library of national and state-level Schematron Rules. (Hint: try “PA”)

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What is Schematron used for?

Who Uses Schematron?

In the long run, I think Schematron may well be the XML project’s greatest technical legacy to the world.
Simon St Laurent, Technical Journalist and O’Reilly Editor, xml-DEV list, 19 May 2016

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