I have made some minor corrections to the RELAX NG schema for ISO SVRL on Github and this site.  (The Schematron Validation Reporting Langage is a way to produce the results of validating some document with Schematron in standard XML: it can then easier to use by subsequent XML tools. It is reports the validation results as a linear series of events.)

There were two sets of issues, reported by users

  • Issue #1 Transcription error for the schemas, where the smart quotes of the text had not been replaced properly. Also the encoding was wrong (affects copyright character only).  Reported and fixed by user mkotelba 8 months ago. 
  • Issue #2.  The attributes called @id  in SVRL are not unique: they are just copies of the attribute @id on the original assertion, rule or pattern. So they will generate a spurious error if validated as type ID rather than type NMTOKEN, because there could appear multiple times in the SVRL, for example if the same assertion fails in multiple contexts.  Reported by user fbuettner-hb.

Thanks to these users for their participation.