The academic-focused Text Encoding Initiative is a long-running project largely lead through Oxford University. They have released their latest update to their P5 version,  TEI P5 3.2.0

They now favour this One document does it all (ODD) idea, where they want to collect everything into a single document: metadata, text, and even schemas. To do this, they are moving towards their own schema markup, designed to generate a grammar (DTD, RELAX NG, XSD).  This is a very sensible approach, because otherwise customizing the schema appropriately requires too much fiddling and schema expertise to be very workable.

Of interest for Schematron, s25.2.3 Additional Constraints, shows how to embed Schematron assertions. It is a little like Eddie Robertsson’s embedded assertions for RELAX NG and for XSD: the processor generates the XSD.  You can provide a rule or just the assertion or report; in the latter case some tool could probably generate XSD 1.1 assertions too.

I was very delighted to see the section also giving an example in SPITBOL lanuage: I wonder of we should get a SPITBOL query language binding for Schematron?

And then came the tears. In the dedication section was something I had missed: an in memorium for Sebastian Rahtz, who I had not realized passed away a year ago.  My contact with him over the years was mainly on news lists, and we met at a few conferences, but I thought he was a particularly impressive man, technically and personally, and, startlingly for this rather rough-and-tumble Australian, a gentleman.