Lauren Wood and Tim Bray have revived the XML.COM brand, and want to publish first class material.  First up Ken Holman has excellent ‘comprehensive introduction’ What is XSLT?, What is XSLT-FO?  and What is UBL? 

XML.COM was the go-to site in the early days of XML, run by O’Reilly, Seybold and Tim Bray, and it is great to see it back. Most interesting for readers is that the archive of articles has been recovered.  There are 216 articles mentioning Schematron, which you can find by typing “Schematron” in the Search box on the XML.COM front page.

The site has one of the best introductions to Schematron, from Topologi’s Eddie Robbertsson who came up with the code for embedding Schematron in RELAX NG and XSD: