After a few years in limbo, Schematron source code now has a definite home, at  GitHub. is the state of play

  •  has the most recent (2010 with some fixes) version of my “official” skeleton implementation.
    • I have updated the issues list with all the issues and enhancements that people have reported over the last 6 years, in preparation for preparing a new release.  If you have an issue or enhancement with implementation code, please let me know: it is possible that I have missed some issue.
    • I have started work on the next release.
    • Off course, the implementation was never “official” in some standards-related sense because ISO does not use reference implementations, but it pre-dates the ISO standard, and it was used to make sure that the ISO Standard did not have any features that were not already implemented and tried. I guess people called it “official” because I was the first editor for ISO Schematron. Anyway, a better name may be the “base” version.
  • has RELAX NG schemas for ISO Schematron 2006. In the next few days I will also add the RELAX NG schemas for ISO Schematron 2016, which are already on this site.

If you have an open source utility or small project that builds on Schematron or expands its reach onto different platforms, please consider using this GitHub project: it is easy for small tools to get lost, even if they are useful.

So many thanks to Tony Graham (of Antenna House) for setting it all up, and copying over the code when GoogleCode imploded.  And thanks to Paul Herman of ProXML for setting up the GoogleCode site back then.