Following on from XML Prague 2017 in February, the XML London 2017 conference is on in June. The year is rounded up in August with the Basilage conference trying out Maryland, USA as a change from the usual Canadian location.

(I am not sure if Basilage will be streaming to provide for participants with unfortunate passport stamps, python skillssoftware engineer skills, or who are middle-aged authors of children’s books.  As someone who has been detained and wrongly threatened with deportation, it is not a pleasant experience: in my case it was in Barcelona airport and according to the excellent Australian Consul in Barcelano was argy bargy due to the Spanish Australian Rice War of the mid 1990s.)

I see the  XML London 2016 Proceedings are out.

One paper that is of particular interest, following on from the previous blog on an esoteric but powerful optimization using @saxon:memo-function  is the paper CALS Table Validation using Schematron and XSLT: using the new XSLT accumulator functionality, they bring a validation from running in over 1 hours to down  to 2.2 seconds.  This is very interesting for language design: should the Schematron Query Language Binding for XSLT 3 allow xsl:map etc the way it allows xslt:key, or is there something more general going on that could be applied to other query languages too?