Tony Graham has co-organized a meet-up at this year’s XML Prague 2017 conference, for Schematron Users. Andrew Sales, the ultimate editor of ISO Schematron 2017, will be there to answer questions on the new standard.  See that link for more details: here is a summary:

Schematron users seldom get a broad overview of the state of Schematron or get to hear about more than one or two case studies of Schematron in action. Conversely, people who don’t know Schematron seldom get the introduction to Schematron that they need in order to understand why other people are using it and why it features in conference presentations.This session provides the missing pieces:

  • Short overview of Schematron, its origins, how it works, and why it is useful
  • Update on ISO Schematron
  • Overview of implementations
  • Schematron Quick Fixes
  • Testing Schematron with STF etc
  • Multilingual Schematron.
  • Lightning talks/demonstrations
  • Q&A discussion